The Top 4 Free Best PDF To Excel Converter (Review & Download)

The idea on whether you should have a converting software should not be a matter to be discussed anymore. The tasks that converters perform are far much better and accurate than doing your work manually. Those that have experienced working with a top PDF o Excel converter will back me up. With the growth in the use of PDF as the electronic way of conveying information, as a result there came the need of editing and converting texts and files.

This made it necessary for the developing of converting tools that play a very essential in handling our files in PDF format and other multiple formats. However, there has been a rise of unworthy converting tools that has left most of us with the feeling of being cheated. That should not be the case as with this review, I have only decided to look into only the best PDF Converters for your Windows device. Here are some of the very best converters you can run on your device;

 PDF2XL Converter

This highly profiled converter I would say it is specifically for those who enjoy the activities of handling numbers. It has that special design that makes the transferring of information from PDF files to the Excel spreadsheets very easy and making it less of a task by making it something to take pride and enjoy doing. From the statistics collected, many of Excel handlers have opted to go for the PDFXL PDF to Excel Converter and a lot of messages of gratitude have flocked the converting tool’s page.

That is a true indicator that it has meet the expectations of most of the users if not all. Converts PDF files into various formats such as XLS, XLSX, XLSM, XLT and other various Excel file formats. It also converts files into other file formats such as Documents, Images, PowerPoint, Publisher and Open Document and vice versa


  • User can as well convert a number of multiple files individually simultaneously when they choose from the option convert files separately.
  • Supports the merging of files up to 20 files at a go where the name of the file will be automatically saved as the filename of the first document added for conversion.
  • User can arrange files via the drag and drop technique and as well delete files without having to start from the beginning.


  • If user wants to split files he or she must choose the option convert separately failure to which the documents start getting converted but will be merged and output a single Excel file.
  • Conversion is only limited to a maximum of only up to a 100 pages


T   TalkHelper PDF Converter

When you realise that you need work perfectly done at an indeed very fast speed enjoying a converting tool that has a very lively user interface that makes you feel handling your PDF files a very simple task then you will be looking for the TalkHelper PDF Converter that features exactly all that. I would suggest this great PDF to Excel converter for those who handle PDF files in offices and students as well. This is because it helps the user to convert a bunch of PDF files over a short period of time and still not having to worry on the cost of having one since it is relatively cheap. Looking into their features is something else in its own as this highly profiled converter has so much more to enjoy from.


Comes with different package prices known as modules that are included in free downloading allowing the user to enjoy services at prices that he or she can afford.

User can add automations and simple things such as the personalised statement or even complex content such as boxes that allows user to send emails to chosen addresses.

Features a special 3D paper flick technology that allows user to turn pages of your PDFs or electronic publications like that of a book.

User has control over their PDF files this is enabled by granting permissions that ensures no one can edit the information in their text files without their consent.

Other major advantages that the TalkHelper features are the ability to add notes, encrypt files with high level passwords which have been set as 256-bit AES amongst various other major editing kits.


For a full package that is the Converting tool and the Optical Character Range package with all discounts being included it is priced at a cost of one hundred and twenty nine dollars.

3.     Wondershare PDF Converter.

The Wondershare PDF Converter is one of the very few top converters that has been fast accepted by most users since it was let out in the market. I guess this is because of the services that it offers and its features that has seen this top PDF to Excel converter for Windows replace the existing software. I have run a test on this tool and I realised better that it has very many features to make use of at a very not so dear price. Once you start your converting process it feels like a whole new experience and the task of converting could not feel any easier than when using this one of a kind converting programme


Supports conversion into various file formats such as Excel, HTML, RTF, TIFF, PowerPoint and many more other multiple formats

User can edit images and texts in their converted Excel files just as one does in other file formats such as Word which is a very quick and easy task to do.

It features the extract function that allows user to cut texts from a file if the user does not want to deal with the whole PDF file and saving it differently as a new document.

User can compress a file whenever the process of sending large files becomes a problem. This should not be confused to changing the quality of the output as everything is maintained.

Other major advantages that this world class PDF to Excel converter features is that it allows the merging and splitting of files that means user can add multiple files and convert them as a single document as well as break a single file into many documents.


The interface might not have such an amazing outlook.

4.     Cogniview PDF Converter.

Many of the Cogniview PDF Converter have testified that this is an indeed a converting tool that can be relied upon and it has proved itself over time again and again. Personal confessions on how it has properly served its users in the customers review indicate that this converting tool has met the users’ expectation. It is suitable for individual and business operations especially when working with numerous bank statements. It is up to you to choose the best PDF Converter for your Window devices and do away with the disappointments that you often face from other PDF to Excel Converters that do not live to deliver what they promise. When you have the Cogniview PDF Converter you will have better things to worry about.


The Cogniview PDF Converter converts very bulky work at a very short period time, when we speak of numbers it converts up to 50 to around a 60 page file within a single minute saving you a record 20 hours that would have been used in converting a similar file manually.

The conversion process is not only quick but also perfect as there are no entry errors while feeding in data in the sheets as everything is done for you by the converter.

It guarantees a perfect output and the user does not have to change anything after the conversion process.

The customer assistance service is quite recommendable as any problems or queries brought forward are responded at very fast and the way things are handled is in a very polite manner.


The supported conversion formats are saved as Clipboards when none of the Microsoft Excel, Word or Office programme is not installed.


In summary, for you to have that converter that suits you very well, one has to first realise what they want from a converting tool starting from the features to the pricing. Most of us want high quality output without considering other important features that a converting tool should possess. Take for example a converter may be the best when it comes to converting PDF files into Excel but may be however drawn back by the fact that it has a very complex user interface and navigation might be a challenge. There are other various factors that you should consider before settling for any product that you will be throwing your tasks to. The idea that I would suggest you should bear in mind when making that decision of having a converter is that they all work totally different and you should choose that one tool that best works with you. With the above review it is even narrowed to only four converting tools to work with.


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